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A Tourist Program to Taif, Albaha and Abha

Ideal for men and women
Starting from
2750 SAR
Starting from
2750 SAR


Enjoy the perfect tourist program with us for four days to the most prominent tourist cities in the country. You will get to enjoy the breathtaking nature in Raghadan forest and the historical sites such as Albaha Museum. There are also different tourist sites and villages waiting to be explored, such as the High village. Package prices are per person.

What's included

  • Transportations (Bus)
  • Accommodation (5 star Hotels and 4 star Resort)
  • Hospitality service
  • Meals
  • Tour guide

What's not included

  • Flight tickets


Information not available


  • Day 1
    - 9:30 AM: Reception at Taif International Airport (reception times are not specified after 9:30 am)
    - 10:00 AM: Departure from the airport by Bus (departure times are not specified after 10:00 am)
    - 1:00 PM: Head to Alhada by Bus
    - 2:00 PM: Lunch in a traditional restaurant
    - 3:00 PM: Visit the rural area in Taif
    - 4:30 PM: Head to a museum
    - 5:30 PM: Head back to the 5-star hotel
    - 7:00 PM: Head to dinner
    - 10:00 PM: Head back to the hotel - 5 stars
  • Day 2
    - 8:00 AM: Breakfast
    - 9:00 AM: Leave the hotel - 5 stars
    - 9:30 AM: A tour to mosques and historical monuments in Taif
    - 10:30 AM: Head to Al Baha by Bus
    - 12:30 PM: Arrive at Al Baha resort (4-star)
    - 1:30 PM: Head to Raghadan forest and have lunch
    - 5:00 PM: Head to Al Baha Museum
    - 7:00 PM: Back to the resort
    - 9:00 PM: Dinner
    - 10:30 PM: Group gathering at the resort
  • Day 3
    - 7:00 AM: Breakfast
    - 8:00 AM: Leave the resort
    - 9:00 AM: Head to Dhee Ayn village
    - 12:00 PM: Head to Abha by Bus
    - 3:10 PM: Arrive at the 5-star hotel in Abha - eat lunch
    - 5:00 PM: Head to the High village
    - 7:00 PM: Head to the green mountain
    - 8:30 PM: A tour in the city of Abha by Bus
    - 10:00 PM: Dinner and then head back to the hotel - 5 stars
  • Day 4
    - 7:00 AM: Breakfast
    - 9:30 AM: Leave the hotel - 5 stars
    - 10:30 AM: A tour of the landmarks of Abha
    - 12:00 PM: Return by the tourist path and head to Taif by Bus
    - 8:00 PM: Arrival at Taif International Airport and farewell

Refund Policy

3 Days before the start date

If canceled 3 days before the start date, 30% of the trip value will be deducted.

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